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Our Past Puppies & Testimonials  speak volumes about us and the care and love we give our Puppies.  It is very important when considering your next little companion, that you read past puppy buyers testimonials. 

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Our Baby Doll Dams   Are very extreme Baby Doll Yorkies just like our Boys. They all have very Baby Doll Faces and compact little bodies that have  the Puppies that melt your heart!

 Our Available Puppies are just

adorable, many customers saying looking like "Wind Up Toys".

Having extreme Baby Doll faces and very compact little bodes with wonderful, smart personalities.  

Our Baby Doll  Sires 


ATT:   Please beware of any sites, or breeder , adverstising Yorkies from The Desert Darling Lines.  ( My mentor and very sought after lines).  These are closed lines and were not approved to be sold or advertise as Desert Darlings.   We do not approve this  and is highly unethical!  We do not have  any affliation with this or any breeder doing so!  Not the orig Desert Darling lines, so beware!!

​Thank you!

Our Available Puppies

Call for reservations -   [540-494-9654].  on your next little life companion

The Extreme Baby Doll Yorkies you will,, 

                             Blue Monday and Company

The Home of Beautiful Baby Doll Yorkies.  The faces and temperaments

that will Melt your Heart and make Memories that will last a lifetime.

​We wanted to name our website in honor of the Motown Music of yesterday that we love with so much soul and meaning, , just like our Yorkies. Blue Monday has come very far, and without you loving our puppies..... we could not have became #1 for Baby Doll Yorkies!  Thank you from the bottom of our heart! 

 Our foccs and true love for the breed has enabled us to have the Beautiful, Healthy, Baby Doll Yorkie.  Our Yorkies feature the Baby Doll Face, the true apple head, the short button nose, the large far-spaced eyes, the compact little bodies, a rich thick vibrant hair coat, with a loving and smart temperament.  All these qualities contribute to such an Adorable, Precious little Life Companion.  We believe strongly that there is a right match for each person and puppy......and I will do my best to help you find that right match, sharing with you my Blue Monday Yorkies. 

Thank you for Making Us #1 of Baby Doll Yorkies in USA!  Please check out our Past Puppies & Testimonials and Past Puppies Page 2 that is what made us #1 in Baby Doll Yorkies!  Your past clients speak volumes about your Baby Doll Yorkies! 

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Please read Our Story We are a small hobby breeder located in South West Virginia.  We have the extreme Baby Doll Yorkies.  We strongly believe in a right match with each home and puppy.  We will do all we can to help you find that perfect match for you!

Our Baby Doll Sires Are the most extreme Yorkies I have seen. The sires are the root of your breeding program and must be exceptional in every be the


 We don't take placing our puppies lightly and do like to get to know you, and the home the puppy will be going to...Please read all our info and Make Your Reservation We would love to help you with that perfect puppy that fits your situation! 

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